23 May 2024


Value of the Month - Empowerment

In that day you will know that I am in my Father,

and you in me, and I in you. John 14:20


Thursday 23 May

Parent Workshop

Friday 24 May

Primary SSV Winter Sport

Mondqy 27 May

CSEN VCE Rally Day

Wednesday 5 June

Primary Parents Morning Tea

Thursday 6 June

LIghthouse Music Ensembles Concert

Monday 10 June

King's Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 14  June

Student Free Day

Report Writing Day

Tuesday 18 June

GAT Examination

Wednesday 19 June

Year 7 Chinese Museum Excursion

Wednesday 19 - Friday 21st June

Year 5 Camp


Value of Empowerment

Empowerment is a foundation of personal growth. It grants individuals the opportunity to navigate both success and failure as they embark on their educational journey. Empowerment is the catalyst that drives students towards adaptability, excellence, and resilience.

Our college firmly believes in fostering an environment where every student can achieve their unique potential. Empowerment plays a pivotal role in unlocking their innate talents and passions. When students are empowered, they take ownership of their learning path, confronting challenges with unwavering courage and determination.

Through our commitment to empowerment, we aim to instil in students the values of integrity, empathy, and social responsibility. They learn to advocate for themselves and others, contributing positively to their communities.

In alignment with Ministerial Order 1359, our college provides a platform for students to express their perspectives in a secure and respectful setting. Through collaboration and inclusivity, we embrace diversity and foster understanding throughout our college community.

For both parents and educators, it is our duty to nurture and cultivate empowerment within each child. Through varied life experiences, they emerge as resilient leaders, innovators, and catalysts for change.

By collectively championing the value of empowerment, both at home and within our college, we inspire students to strive for excellence and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Yours faithfully,

Wing Leong



Emotion Regulation - Parent Workshop - THURSDAY 23 May 2024

Come and join us at our upcoming parent workshop, where Toolbox Education will present and help equip you with practical tools and strategies to support your child’s emotional well-being at home. This will be an invaluable session where parents will be encouraged to understand the varying developmental needs of children based on the different stages of development, and provided with information and strategies in ways to guide their children when faced with anxious thoughts or uncomfortable emotions. Refer to the registration details in the flyer below to sign up. Don't miss out!

Any questions, please contact Joseph Kan or Karen Lloyd (Heads of Student Wellbeing)


Under The Sea Drama Incursion

We had a wonderful time with the Drama Teacher in week 5. Children enjoyed the drama incursion and engaged actively with the under the sea story by acting out, dressed up in different sea creatures costume and joined in the creative dance and movement. This drama incursion helps to broaden children understanding of sea creatures, their features, movement, and survival instincts. They also begin to recognise the negative impact of the diver’s actions on the sea creatures and showing care for the environment.


Our Prep students' gymnastics classes have been a great hit, with sessions in our gym filled with new and challenging equipment. The kids loved exploring the ropes, balance beams, ribbon, hula hoops, and practicing jumps, hops, rolls, and handstands. We're excited to see their skills and confidence grow with each session!

Rachel Salib

Primary Teacher



In an exhilarating showcase of talent and determination, our Year 5 and 6 students recently took centre stage at Maranatha Christian College for the CSEN Public Speaking event. After dedicated training spanning a term and a half, they confidently presented their speeches, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Their hard work and commitment truly shone through, reflecting the essence of our school's ethos of excellence and empowerment. Congratulations to all participants for their remarkable efforts! A special mention to Jade Henson for being the 'Best speaker for impromptu speeches. Well done!

Shaila Nagel

Primary Teacher


Year 8 SRC

I am Angel Tandon in 8B. I love to play basketball, swim, play piano, read books, and draw. My journey with God has thrived through the years of being in Lighthouse. In Lighthouse, I’ve had a great opportunity to learn new and exciting things during my time here such as learning new musical instruments, being part of the worship band, being honoured to represent my school in CSEN events, and many more. Every day I go to school, it’s always an inspiration and I’ve loved my time in school. My friends, my teachers, the environment of studies, and overall development just incites me to be here at every given opportunity.

I am passionate about sharing my experiences and being an exemplary leader. I love to be a leader, bond with my friends and just have the most amazing time here at LCC. I have a curious mind and a focused mindset that would put me on the right path. I am respectful and I am kind. The HEART value of the school fits me perfectly. This year’s theme is New Life and this year in year 8, I have had the opportunity to flourish and grow into a new person. It will be amazing if I can help the juniors grow, thrive, and enjoy as much as I do.

So far, year 8 has been a challenging but fun experience as well. All the teachers and students are very friendly here. I love the fact that everyone is supportive, and you can always rely on them. When I see my class students happy and fun-loving, I feel blessed and pray to Jesus that this love, happiness, and joy should spread to the entire world. All our teachers are very supportive and make sure we are having a great time here at LCC.

I am looking forward to starting the breakfast club. Also, I want to start up some more academies like the badminton academy so that students would have a variety of options to choose from. Also, they wouldn’t be bored with many clubs to enjoy with. Starting up the breakfast club again would be great as the teachers and the students would have the chance to eat breakfast as well. - Angel Tandon Year 8B

Hi, I'm Annabelle Bo from 8C I'm 13 years old, soon to be 14 this coming September, and currently in Year 8. Sports and books are two of my biggest passions and I hold them very close to my heart. Sports brings a lot of excitement into my life. Whether it's scoring a goal in soccer or any sport or just playing freely with my friends and family. At the same time, I find a different kind of joy in reading books. Books introduce me to different worlds and new characters, and let me experience lives very different from my own, all without leaving my room.

Though my journey with God has been a mix of highs and lows it has been kind of like a rollercoaster there have been times when I felt distant and unsure, but there are also moments when I look up to him and pray for guidance and strength. These experiences make me reflect on the themes of growth and transformation. To me, these themes perfectly match the idea of "New Light" and our heart values. Growth and transformation are about evolving through our experiences bad and good, finding new perspectives, and uncovering the light within ourselves even through tough times. They are about staying true to our core values and embracing the changes that help us become better.

As I look into the future, I believe that each experience that occurs happens for a reason, whether it's a success or a failure. Each new person I meet brings their own unique story and perspective into my life, and I can't wait to build new friendships even though we might not always be on the same page we will be able to get through it if we talk too out. I'm also looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead academically, athletically, and personally. It's not just about winning or getting good grades to me, but also it's about embracing every experience, and learning from both successes and failures, without them we wouldn’t be able to grow and change for the better. - Annabelle Bo Year 8C

The Creative Medieval Castle project - showcase the historical and artistic sides of our Year 8A Humanities Class

As part of their history course, Year 8 A students put their creative minds to work to make a Medieval castle whilst being as imaginative as possible. They more than lived up to the task with castles made of, cardboard, toilet paper rolls and even plastic bottles! Here is student Michelle Wee’s take on the project:

" The Medieval Castle project was an awe-inspiring project that allowed me to dive deeper into the understanding of what it was, and making it was a fun experience for me. Comparing others to mine, my castle wasn’t one of the best, but I am proud of what I have done, and in future, maybe we can have more projects like these."

Check out some of the castles below:

Mrs Mercy Thatiparthy

8A Humanities Teacher


On day three of the Year 9 Learning Experience week, students spent the day touring the streets of Melbourne CBD. They were guided through famous streets and alleys to view the works of many well-known artists including Banksy and Adnate. They also learnt about stencilling and had the opportunity to create a work of their own. The excursion encouraged students to challenge their own definition of art, its role in our community and its importance to people, people like the author of their text Ahn Do.

Brittany Assad

Head of Arts & Zenith Coordinator

9/10 Applied Learning – VEG Education: Farmgate program

The students from the 9/10 Applied Learning Elective visited Vellisha Farms in Werribee.

The students toured the farm and warehouse facilities and where explanations were given of how each section contributed to vegetables reaching the consumers plates. They had a taste of the vegetables grown and a refreshing fruit/vegetable smoothy. The experience helped the students understand the whole food supply chain, healthy living, possible career opportunities in the industry, alternative ideas for future agriculture as the availability of land decreases and the problem-solving process relating to sustainability and waste management.

Tricia Stone

Secondary Teacher


You will not succeed by your own strength or by your own power. The power will come from my Spirit,’ says the Lord of heaven’s armies. (Zechariah 4:6 ICB)

Declaring the above Bible promise, two extremely excited teams of eleven Year 9-12 students from Lighthouse Christian College competed in this year's CSEN PUBLIC SPEAKING CHAMPIONSHIPS, which were held on May 15, 2024, at Maranatha Christian College Officer. Students from each team were required to prepare a speech on a predetermined topic and present it in front of their peers from other participating Christian schools over two rounds.

By the grace of God, our Senior Secondary team, led by Lewis Williams, Brandon Wambui, Venitha Fernando, Nathan DeMel, and Mikayla Londy, finished second with 589 points. In the Junior Secondary category, Lighthouse Christian College finished fourth with 620 points, while the winning team from Maranatha Christian College won with 637 points. The junior secondary team was led by our Year 9 students, Ashleen Kaur, Alyssa Londy, Jerin Kingslin, Shaina Ravi, Selina Zhou, and Matei Musat.

This Year, Lighthouse CC, Maranatha CC, St Andrews Christian College, Waverley CC Narre Warren, and Belgrave Heights CC competed in both the Junior and Senior Championships.

I want to specially commend Year 9 student Ashleen Kaur (Best Speaker from our school in the Junior Secondary category) and Lewis Williams and Nathan DeMel (Best Speaker from our school in the Senior Secondary Category) for preparing and delivering their amazing speeches about the given preprepared topics "Technology has improved our lives" and ‘Artificial intelligence is integral to society’ respectively.

All our students demonstrated exceptional collaboration and teamwork. I would like to specially thank our VCE Year 11 and Year 12 students for sacrificing their hectic study schedules to represent Lighthouse Christian College so well in these championships. All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, who constantly gives us victory. Praise the Lord.

Mrs Mercy Thatiparthy

Secondary CSEN Public Speaking Coordinator

Secondary Lunchtime Concert

On Thursday May 16, 2024 Lighthouse held its first Secondary Lunchtime Concert in the music centre. This event saw a large crowd of secondary students come together to enjoy and support the music-making of their peers.

Congratulations to the following students who performed on the day and provided much inspiration for others:

The Senior Band – Shaina Ravi, Ciara Norng, Isaac Taj-Ud-Din, Egan Veerapen, Izzy Larosa, Neacha Thong and Thevan Nagatheepan

Egan Veerapen – solo piano

Guitar Ensemble – Jayden Samuel, Suri Nguyen, Sky Luangrath, Erik Lam

Joash Fernando– voice and guitar

Jacob Zhao – solo piano

It was a fantastic event and I look forward to hearing some of these secondary students perform at the Music Ensembles Concert on the 6th of June.

Shari Bhatt

Music Coordinator

Victorian Careers Show

Attending the Careers Expo on Thursday 16 May was an eye-opening experience. The Australian Defense Force had the biggest exhibition since it was sponsored by them and covered 1/3 of the venue. It was fascinating to see advanced machinery and cutting-edge technology that was showcased by the ADF. From simulators to military vehicles, the variety of military-grade equipment was very impressive. Interacting with members of the ADF and many members from other careers provided valuable insight into various career pathways. Seeing different Uni stalls gave me a clearer idea of where I would like to go after I graduate from Lighthouse. The highlight of the day was getting to explore the ADF exhibition. This year’s Career Expo experience was without a doubt better than last year.

Roel Martin

Last Thursday we went to the Melbourne showgrounds for the Victorian careers show. We got to explore a variety of university and TAFE options and ask questions regarding different courses by visiting each of the exhibitions. We were given informative brochures and pamphlets that provided helpful summaries of each university/TAFE, as well as a bunch of free stuff. Overall, it was a great experience and I gained more information about what degree I want to do in the future. Hasandi Perera

Enchanting. Alluring. Spectacular. The mighty Victorian Careers Show left a hearty, robust and profound impact on me wherein words can simply not explain it. Surrounded by intriguing universities and enthralling spaces which captivated unique and mesmerizing career paths, I found myself drawn to fields I had never even considered the possibility of enrolling in before. It was an incredible time and I had such a blast with all my companions in viewing the various attractions, alongside the splendid interactions we had with the abundant friendly ambassadors! Remy Huynh

Jen Agesa

Careers Development Practitioner


On Monday 6 May, 2024 nineteen Year 7 students attended an engineering workshop at Monash University, hosted by Robogals—an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, engaging, and empowering young women to pursue engineering and related fields.

During this workshop, our students explored various branches of engineering and participated in problem-solving activities. Although Robogals primarily focuses on encouraging young women, this excursion was inclusive, with boys also taking part in the enriching experience.

Our students engaged in building with LEGO robotics, learning programming principles, and applying them to their creations. The highlight of the day was an exciting arena challenge where each group's robot competed to win.

This hands-on experience was not only educational but also a lot of fun, fostering a deeper interest in engineering among all participants.

Christian Morabito

Secondary Teacher


On Friday 10th of May, we visited the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) and were able to understand the fields of computer design in the examples of the fiction games and films that we see. AIE is a successful, non-profit organization established in 1996, with all earnings going back into the student’s learning. What started off as a 150-thousand-dollar investment from the government has now turned into an accomplished business where 5.4 million dollars has been invested in graduates’ businesses. In fact, there is a lot of government support in computer design, and it is an ever-growing industry!

The year nines were split into two groups to see how games and 3D designs were made though the software, Maya. With the help of a few people from the organization, we were able to see how we can 3D design through simple functions like copying, pasting and moving subjects on a floor plan in one group, and in the other, create simple details in a game like resetting a level if you die, and making objects interactive.

From that day, we were able to see how easy it was to overlook every detail that goes into the games and films to which we are easily drawn. Many people are needed in a set to be able to create a film or game that can be engaging to the player or viewer.

This week has been such a revelation to the many different job possibilities there are in the world and has helped us dive deeper into thinking about who we are and what we value. What makes your everyday movies or video games so fun and engaging? - Kyan and Ashleen, 9B

Hester Ang

Secondary Teacher

Secondary Encounter Day

Encounter Day was created for students to have an opportunity to spend time doing activities that will allow them to draw closer to God and experience the

unconditional love He provides. Students were asked to choose a workshop they were interested in, that was to related to a specific verse or parable. They then took part in these activities and shared their discoveries in the Chapel at the end of the day.

We had so much fun creating this day for our peers & learnt so much as leaders. This was definitely a challenge for all of us as it was most of our first time hosting such a big event, but I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us that it was extremely rewarding in the end. This was the perfect activity to enhance our leadership skills & bond closer with one another which was one of my favourite parts and personally for me I think it’s going down as one of my favourite CST days ever!


Katrina Huynh,

Caterina Tang and Diana Filimonova


This term, Year 9B students have plans to visit all the Prep students. They have visited Prep M and Prep S during homeroom time and will visit Prep T in the coming weeks.

In their visit, each prep student either received a personalized message note, handwritten and read aloud together or was introduced to their bigger brothers and sisters to have a general chat and get to know each other. It was heartwarming to see smiles on everyone's faces.

The highlight was during the worship session, where students from both levels came together to give praise and performed actions along with the song. The students also had some time to connect with each other. Each of the sessions ended with prayers and blessing to the younger students.

Hester Ang

Secondary Teacher


Water Baptism Service at Lighthouse Family Christian Church

23 June at 10am

For a follower of Jesus, water baptism by immersion is a defining step of faith in obedience to His command and in His example. It is not a condition but an evidence of salvation.

Baptism at LFCC is open to all ages subject to attendance of a Baptism Preparation Class with a Pastor and parents' permission for children under 18 years of age.

If you would like to take the next step and be water baptised, contact us today.

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